Friday, August 27, 2010

Short Takes: Inflated Property Tax Assessments, RESP Catch-22, and more

Larry MacDonald (this web page has disappeared) reports on evidence that when citizens vote for a cap on property tax increases, property assessments get inflated to compensate.

Big Cajun Man finds that the rules for RESP withdrawals force him to pay for his children’s schooling before he can get the money out of the RESP. I can see that this could be a problem for people with cash-flow difficulties.

Canadian Capitalist makes his personal Adjusted Cost Base and Capital Gains tracker in Excel available to his readers.

Preet Banerjee has some cell-phone deals for his readers. I don’t need as many features as most people want, and so I’ll stick with my $7 per month cell phone.

Money Smarts says that Canadians should be invested in oil stocks.

Thicken My Wallet gives his take on the value of financial (and legal) advice.


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