Monday, December 18, 2023

A Hole-in-One Shows that Money isn’t always Fungible

My wife golfs with a ladies group in Florida sometimes.  They all chip in a few bucks for prizes, and some of that money goes to the golfer who is closest to the pin on a designated hole.

My wife’s group was last to play this hole, and they could see the best effort so far; a marker stood about 9 feet from the pin.  One of the ladies in this last group hit a shot that came to rest closer to the pin.  She now stood to scoop up some prize money.

Then my wife hit a shot she thought was off line, but it came off a banked part of the green and rolled all the way down to the hole.  A hole-in-one!

Her prize was $30.  That stack of U.S. singles sits on her nightstand.  Eventually, she’ll spend that money, but not yet.

For now, that money isn’t fungible.  One day it will become fungible, but right now it serves as a pleasant reminder of a fun day.