Friday, November 21, 2008

Short Takes: Bonds, Wrap ETFs, Small Caps, and a Boot to the Head

1. Preet explains why bond returns have been strong for the last 28 years and why the next 28 years are highly unlikely to have such high bond returns.

2. Canadian Capitalist discusses wrap ETFs available from iShares and Claymore. These wrap ETFs hold other ETFs to create a portfolio. For the extra costs charged for these wraps, you get the convenience of buying only one ETF instead of two or more, as long as you’re happy with the particular allocations the wrap ETFs use.

3. Larry MacDonald makes a case for owning small cap stocks. The ride with small caps is even bumpier than the overall stock market, but over the long term, average compounded returns have been better with small cap stocks.

4. Jonathan Chevreau reports on a survey showing that Canadians are delaying retirement plans. I had more fun with the joke definitions at the end of this article. I particularly like the redefinition of “P/E Ratio.”

5. The Big Cajun Man discusses some Canadian bank woes along with a funny “boot to the head” video clip by The Frantics.

6. I’m fairly new to the idea of blog carnivals, but my article Time for the Smith Manoeuvre? appeared in the Nov. 18 Investing Carnival.


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