Friday, December 3, 2010

Short Takes: A Cheap but Still Expensive Mutual Fund, Emotional Benefits from Investing, and more

Rob Carrick profiles a mutual fund company that pinches pennies to the point where they take pens and paper from hotel conference rooms. Being careful with investor money should be applauded, but their MER is still about 2.2% on assets of $1.5 billion. This means that expenses are about $33 million per year. Maybe I’m not very imaginative, but I don’t know how they could spend this much money if they won’t even buy pens.

Canadian Capitalist asks three good questions of author Meir Statman.

Canadian Couch Potato looks at the problem of how to avoid over-contributing to an RRSP or TFSA when depositing U.S dollars or assets valued in U.S. dollars.

Big Cajun Man gives his take on gifts you should never give your kids. I thought the best one was avoiding giving them something you always wanted. Times change. Your dreams aren’t your kids’ dreams.

Preet Banerjee explains the importance of measuring the rate of return on your portfolio. This can be surprisingly tricky in situations where there are many deposits, withdrawals, and dividends.

Ed Rempel at Million Dollar Journey reminds us that through thick and thin stocks have always gone up over long periods of time.

Larry MacDonald (this web page has disappeared) has 5 pointers for investors at year end. I suspect that number 4 about avoiding paying tax twice on the same gains is missed by many people.

Financial Highway gives step-by-step procedures for disputing problems with your credit report.

Money Smarts explains the requirements to qualify for four financial advisor designations.

The Wealthy Boomer reviews the book $WINDLER$ whose authors claim that new accounting and auditing standards will make it even easier for corporate managers to swindle Canadians.


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  3. Investors interested in EdgePoint should look into Cymbria Corp. traded on the TSX. Expenses around 1.75%, 1% of which goes to your broker as a trailer fee.

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