Thursday, May 15, 2008

Globe and Mail’s Best of Blogs Poll

The Globe and Mail ran a poll to see which financial blogs their readers liked. The winner was The Fly.

According to the Globe and Mail results article (no longer online), The Fly is “George (The Fly) Hamilton, a professional money manager who provides a hilarious running commentary to his trading day.” And sure enough, it’s a profanity laden commentary displaying supreme confidence in his opinions on stocks.

This blog certainly has some entertainment value. The Fly actually says which stocks he is buying and selling, including price and number of shares. This comes with a generous helping of disdain for anyone who might disagree with his judgment. Does anyone actually trade based on what The Fly says?

I was unable to find out what money George Hamilton manages. It certainly would be interesting to see his track record. I’d like to know whether he is a talented stock picker or just an entertaining blowhard. Either way, his blog is likely to remain popular.

If any readers have information about where The Fly does his professional money managing, I’d like to hear about it.


  1. Thanks for the link and your vote. I only heard about George Hamilton or the blog when the Globe and Mail mentioned it.

  2. You're best to just drop the subject and never talk about "The Fly" ever again.


  3. Vincenzo:

    His record is that dismal, is it?

  4. Fly is 100% legit. Not all his picks work out but way more than half do, and he manages position sizing really well. I've made many good trades based on stocks I've heard about through Fly and others on ibankcoin.