Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Countdown to the New Year

From an investment point of view, most of us say good riddance to 2008. The economy for 2009 is shaping up to have a rocky start, but I’m optimistic that stocks will rebound at some point. Don’t take that as a prediction, though. I don’t want to be just another commentator whose predictions are wrong half the time.


  1. I view this year as a year where I got to buy lots of bargains from my Dividend Reinvestments and a year where I finally won a few pool games, so not that bad a year too!


  2. 'Stocks will rebound in a big way in 2009' Michael James on Money.

    I am holding your to that prediction and I will be angry at you if it does not come to fruition :)

    Happy New Year, I enjoyed your blog in 2008, keep it up!