Friday, May 15, 2009

Short Takes: Rating Canada’s Mutual Funds, Female Investors, and the Glut of Retirees

1. Morningstar conducted a study of mutual funds in 16 countries. Preet gives us Canada’s overall scorecard and Larry MacDonald questions Canada’s grade of A on investor protection and transparency.

2. Jason Zweig explains how women get better investing results than men.

3. Canadian Financial DIY is a little concerned about his retirement finances and has an amusing modest proposal for dealing with the swelling numbers of retired people.

4. Big Cajun Man finds that the recession has made it easier to give things away.

5. Million Dollar Journey addresses the question of what a young guy with an extra $5000 should do with it. The extensive reader comments are the most interesting part. It’s not hard to see why some people are chronically short of money.


  1. Thanks for the mention enjoy the long weekend too.

  2. My, that certainly is some terrible advice for the young man with $5000 to invest. There must be some psychological principle that explains why people are so mindlessly reckless with found money (especially other people's found money).

  3. LOL, some of the comments are a bit eccentric hey? :) Thanks for the link!