Monday, August 17, 2009

Wise Investing with Larry Swedroe

It can be a challenge to write new and useful financial articles regularly, and many financial writers fall into the trap of speculating about short term movements in stock prices or interest rates. Larry Swedroe, author of the book Rational Investing in Irrational Times, avoids this trap and brings us consistently useful essays.

Here is a selection of Swedroe's recent articles (none of which appear to be online any more):

Should Average Investors Do it Themselves? Another interesting question is how can you expect an investor, who can’t handle his own investments, to be able to choose a competent and honest financial advisor?

Is ETF Tradability Good or Bad? You’d be surprised how much lower investors’ returns are compared to the ETFs they own.

Why You Shouldn’t Expect to Outperform the Market To beat the average at investing, you have to take money away from someone else. Do you think you’re better than those you are trading against?

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