Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Remembrance Day – Veterans’ Pensions

Canada owes its war veterans a great deal. It’s hard to put a price on freedom. Looking for a connection between money and Remembrance Day, I wondered how we support our injured war heroes. It’s nice to stick ribbons on cars, but wounded soldiers need cold hard cash to put food on the table.

A soldier wounded during war time who is considered to be 100% disabled gets a disability pension of $2322.14 per month. Soldiers who are judged to be only 50% disabled would get half of this amount.

This figure is smaller than I was expecting. I suppose it doesn’t make sense to turn war heroes into millionaires, but it’s hard to imagine $2322.14 per month stretching very far for someone who is completely disabled.


  1. That's not quite at the criminal level but it is shameful. Do they get supplemental health care?

  2. Big Cajun Man: I don't know if all wounded veterans get it, but veterans who get a disability pension also get supplemental health insurance.

  3. I may be wrong, but I believe this amount is tax-free, which helps improve the payout a little bit. Though if that was their only income, it wouldn't be highly taxed anyway.