Friday, May 6, 2011

Short Takes: Berkshire Annual Meeting, Collateral Mortgage Transfers, and more

The Annual meeting at Berkshire promised to be more interesting than usual due to David Zokol resigning amid accusations of trading in Lubrizol shares before recommending that Berkshire buy the company.

Canada Mortgage News reports that TD bank is unable to accept collateral mortgage transfers. This makes it clear that TD’s change to registering mortgages as collateral mortgages will make it very difficult for clients to transfer (or threaten to transfer) to another bank.

Jason Zweig explains how funds holding Treasury inflation-protected securities, or TIPS, can report returns that are higher than the TIPS actually pay.

Million Dollar Journey has some financial strategies for the new stay-at-home parent.

Money Smarts explains that you have to keep track of how much grant money goes to each child from a family RESP.

Big Cajun Man finds some financial terms to be self-contradictory.


  1. Thanks for the inclusion, hope your ailments leave you soon!

  2. Hi Michael, enjoy your posts as usual, which is why I voted for a certain MJM in the Globe contest.

  3. @Canadian Investor: Thanks for the kind words. I think what I lack in knowledge I make up for with a willingness to learn, competent analysis, and a lack of bias. I'll let readers judge.