Friday, August 26, 2011

Short Takes: Screwing the Rich by Indexing and more

Scott Adams has a funny article on financial conspiracies that ends with "If you want to screw the rich, buy stocks in the broad market indexes and just hold them forever. They hate that."

Preet Banerjee says that the primary consideration for whether you get a gym membership or buy your own exercise equipment should be your likelihood of sticking with your workout plan rather than the cost of each alternative. I agree, but I would add that you need to beware of initial bursts of enthusiasm. We need enthusiasm to get us started, but it can also lead to buying expensive equipment and clothing that gets little use. Channel enthusiasm into planning workouts rather than buying things. Once you prove to yourself that you'll stick with a plan, it makes sense to start acquiring the things you need to make the workouts better.

Retire Happy Blog has a story of an advisor who abused Deferred Sales Charges (DSCs) to the detriment of his clients.

Money Smarts describes his experiences with getting discounts on price scanning errors from businesses that have adopted the scanner price accuracy code.

Big Cajun Man says it's possible for gasoline prices to drop back down to 50 cents per litre. It's also possible for gasoline prices to continue their uneven climb faster than other commodities due to the increasing scarcity of oil.

Million Dollar Journey explains futures contracts. I wasn't aware that the shift in value of a futures contract was transferred in cash each day.


  1. Agreed, both are likely (in fact your scenario is very likely in the short run).

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Thanks for the mention.

    I joined a gym last year - best thing I ever did. I have a small house and the gym is right beside my office, so it works perfectly.

  3. Thanks for the mention Michael. I find eating heavy or hard to chew foods is the best alternative.