Friday, September 9, 2011

Short Takes: Fee-Only Advisors and more

Money Smarts explains how to find a fee-only financial advisor. I liked his word of warning. Just because an advisor is fee-only doesn't mean that there is no conflict of interest. The most valuable part of financial advice is the part that is explained to you in person. Fee-only advisors often charge many hours work for preparing several pages of documentation. Documentation is a good thing, but don't over-pay for it.

The Blunt Bean Counter says that when it comes to taxes, beware of any scheme that seems too good to be true.

My Own Advisor runs down his list of favourite Canadian ETFs.

Big Cajun Man isn't too happy with Air Canada's new baggage fees and offers an amusing way around them.

Canadian Couch Potato looks at whether gold is really a hedge against inflation.


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