Friday, October 21, 2011

Short Takes: Isolating Advisory Fees and more

Money Smarts supports the idea of separating advisor compensation from mutual fund fees, but fears that this may not be enough to help investors understand their costs. I think this depends on how investors pay advisory fees. If they actually have to cut a cheque, then they will understand. If it is just handled with some incomprehensible lines on page 7 of their investment account statements, then the separation won't help.

Canadian Couch Potato explains how criticism of leveraged ETFs should not be applied to all ETFs.

Retire Happy Blog explains how to save on your taxes with flow-through shares. This is a guest post by The Blunt Bean Counter.

Big Cajun Man explains why RESPs are killing trees.

Million Dollar Journey reviews ING Streetwise Mutual Funds.


  1. RESPs are killing trees? Hey that rhymes!

  2. Thanks for the mention.

    I liked that Scott Adams article.

  3. Thanks for link, Mike. No posts for Wed and Thurs?

  4. @Larry: Sometimes I get busy and sometimes Blogger lets me down. I was in China recently and decided not to post Wednesday. On Thursday, Blogger made the decision for me :-)