Friday, November 11, 2011

Short Takes: Vanguard's Canadian ETFs, Record Earnings in the U.S., and more

Canadian Couch Potato gives his takes on Vanguard's announcement that their new ETFs will have lower management fees than other comparable ETFs in Canada.

Preet Banerjee says that amid the doom and gloom about the stock market there is a bright note: the S&P 500 earnings per share hit a new record.

How to Invest Online has some tips on when borrowing to invest makes sense and when it doesn't.

The Blunt Bean Counter tackles a tricky question: should you set up your new business as a proprietorship or a corporation?

Big Cajun Man says you should change your bank if you're not being treated well.

Retire Happy Blog explains how to get organized for estate planning. If a friend or family member has asked you to be an executor, you might want to send them this information to make your job easier when the time comes.

Million Dollar Journey has lists of the most and least expensive MBA programs.


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