Friday, September 7, 2012

Short Takes: Big Bank Fees, Low-Volatility ETFs, and more

Rob Carrick looks at how the strength and market control of the 5 big banks isn’t much help for their customers.

Larry MacDonald asks why investors need to pay higher fees for low-volatility ETFs when there are other ways to reduce portfolio volatility.

Canadian Capitalist and Canadian Couch Potato reported on Vanguard Canada’s 5 new ETFs. Finally we have a non-currency-hedged U.S. stock ETF.

The Blunt Bean Counter did three short video interviews about inheritances and wills. Have a look.

Big Cajun Man says you need “a pay day loan like a penguin needs a George Foreman grill.” I can just see a payday loan storefront with a picture of a penguin happily grilling dinner on a George Foreman grill.

Million Dollar Journey gives another detailed net worth update. He’s over $650,000 now, but I wonder how close he would be to the magic million dollar mark if he were less conservative with the accounting values of his house and pensions.

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  1. What would the Penguin be grilling? Thanks for the inclusion