Friday, December 14, 2012

Short Takes: Financial Gurus, Taxing the Rich, and more

Daniel Solin, senior vice president of Index Funds Advisors, bluntly describes the need of fund managers and the financial media to anoint financial gurus as seers of future stock market prices.

Scott Adams comes at just about every subject from a unique angle. In discussing whether it makes sense to raise taxes on the rich, he had a great quote: “fairness is a concept invented so dumb people can participate in debates.”

The Blunt Bean Counter is giving away copies of Rob Carrick’s book How Not to Move Back in With Your Parents.

Big Cajun Man goes into rant mode when he can’t find some tax receipts and can’t seem to follow his own advice about staying organized. It always amazes me how people don’t spend 10 seconds to file away an important receipt to save an hour at tax time looking for it. Occasionally I’m guilty of this myself, but for the most part I’m pretty organized.

Where Does All My Money Go? explains how to deal with some common problems that arise in closing on the sale of a home.


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