Friday, January 4, 2013

Short Takes: CMHC Real Estate Valuations and more

Potato explains why the pressures on CMHC’s automated housing appraisal system push it toward systematically over-valuing real estate.

Money Smarts Reports his 2012 investment returns. All investors should work out their overall portfolio return each year. This is particularly important for active investors who try to beat the market themselves or by following the advice of an advisor. If your active investing isn’t beating the market, maybe you should try low-cost index investing.

Where Does All My Money Go? was the big winner in the 2012 blogger stock-picking contest, which is funny because he seems to take it the least seriously.

Million Dollar Journey announced the winners of the big giveaway that included some investment newsletters. I’ve had my fill of investment newsletters; hopefully the winners will find them more useful than I did.


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