Friday, March 15, 2013

Short Takes: Management Science, Transition to DIY Investing, and more

My posts for this week were

Investors Group Advises Leverage for 75-Year-Old Widow of Modest Means
The Futility of Leveraging Bonds

Here are my short takes and some weekend reading.

Scott Adams of Dilbert Fame has some harsh words for the whole field of the “science” of management, success, and leadership. He makes a lot of sense when he says that what we think of as the cause of success may actually be just the result of success. It’s like thinking that driving an expensive car makes you rich.

Rob Carrick brings us a detailed guide showing how to ditch your advisor and take control of your own investments.

Canadian Couch Potato looks into the difference between the market price of exchange-traded funds and the net asset value of their underlying securities.

Million Dollar Journey gives us a peek at what he holds in his RRSP.

Retire Happy Blog tackles a reader question about whether to pay the deferred sales charge to get out of an expensive mutual fund.

Big Cajun Man says that passive investing doesn’t mean lazy investing, and he has been studying up on some of the ETFs he owns. He also has a very colourful description of how his career as an active investor was less than perfect.

The Blunt Bean Counter has a guest writer who says that lawyers often fail to cover RESPs when they draft wills.

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  1. I actually edit'ed that description when I realized it was a 10 line long run on sentence. I am a recovering Active Investor (to quote Larry Swedroe). Have a great weekend, and thanks for the inclusion.