Friday, May 24, 2013

Short Takes: Impolitic Ads, Firing the Financial Industry, and more

Here are my posts for this week:

Canadian Snowbird Guide

Disagreement over investing in bonds

Here are my short takes for some weekend reading:

Freakonomics has an interesting list of old ads. If you don’t think societal attitudes about women (and other subjects) have changed much over the years, check out these ads.

Mr. Money Mustache asks whether we need to fire the entire financial advice industry. In this interesting essay, he makes the case that “that most of our modern assumptions about money are bullshit,” particularly when it comes to necessary spending.

Million Dollar Journey looks at how new mortgage rules for HELOCs affect investors interested in using the Smith Manoeuvre.

The Blunt Bean Counter explains the importance of finding a compatible business partner.

Big Cajun Man objected to being told by Rogers’ customer service that they didn’t want to talk to him.

My Own Advisor explains his low-cost approach to a healthy lawn. My approach is a combination of neglect and low standards.

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  1. I objected to not getting the deal I wanted more, but complaining about how I was treated is how I want folks to think.