Thursday, June 27, 2013

I Finally Stopped Procrastinating about Google Reader’s Demise

I’m guessing there are many people like me who responded to Google Reader’s demise by procrastinating. I thought I’d have to investigate different readers and try to pick a decent one.

Finally, I just clicked on a Feedly link and was pleased to find that it had a button for collecting my Google Reader data. After one more click to authorize the collecting of some data like my email address, I was presented with a fully-functioning reader with all my feeds.

The user interface is different from Google Reader, but it seems quite easy to use so far. So, my search is over; I’m a Feedly user now (disclaimer: I have no connection to Feedly, financial or otherwise, except for the fact that I’m now a user).

One warning is that Feedly does not pick up information about which posts you’ve read in Reader. If this is a concern, you can catch up first in Reader, and then make the two-click switch to Feedly. No doubt there are other good readers out there as well, but I’m happy to declare Feedly good enough.


  1. Awesome, thanks Michael. It seems my procrastination was more successful than yours. See you on Feedly!

    1. @Patrick: Glad to help. I've seen endless posts with lists of choices for Reader alternatives, so I thought I'd just describe my own experience.