Monday, August 19, 2013

Playing the Winner’s Game

Larry Swedroe now has a Canadian Version of his book Think, Act, and Invest Like Warren Buffett, created with the help of PWL Capital. The Canadian Version is called Playing the Winner’s Game. This excellent book is now more relevant to Canadian readers.

Much of my review of the U.S. version of the book still applies. After all, sound investment principles are much the same no matter where you live. The main difference with the new book is that examples are based on Canadian investments. In the main set of example portfolios, Canadian stocks are used and real estate is used in place of commodities.

There are still a couple of places where U.S.-specific advice was not updated in the Canadian version. There are references to U.S. social security and long-term capital gains taxes (we don’t have different tax rates on long- and short-term capital gains in Canada).

This is a great book to get solid investing advice without much technical discussion. And now it is even better for Canadians.

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