Tuesday, February 25, 2014

UFile Review and Giveaway

UFile has generously offered 6 activation codes for their online 2013 tax software to give away to my readers. I decided to go through the exercise of trying UFile’s online tax preparation to see how well it works in addition to giving away some codes.

UFile’s online income tax preparation uses the interview method which means that they ask you a series of questions rather than just let you flail away at tax forms. In general, I find this much easier than using tax forms, but I invariably find that some complication or other in my tax situation forces me to look at the detailed tax forms a couple of times to check that all went well with the interview.

The online version of UFile does not permit you to see the detailed forms that UFile calculates from your interview answers. I assume the reason for this is that they allow you to fill out your taxes without paying anything. It isn’t until you file your taxes that you might have to pay for an activation code. If they showed you the forms view, you could try to print them out and avoid paying for UFile’s service. This seems like a lot of trouble to avoid a modest charge, but no doubt some people would try.

Overall, UFile online worked quite nicely for the fictitious example I tried. It handled a T4, dividends, capital gains, tuition, and a T1135 for Mr. Bob Smith whose Social Insurance Number is suspiciously close to the digits of pi. The interface works well, and the explanations of what data to enter were clear.

UFile Online Pricing

1. $15.95 for an individual return. You can add a spouse for $10. Dependants whose income is under $20,000 are free.

2. Free for those filing their taxes with CRA for the first time.

3. Free for simple returns regardless of income (single T4 or just OAS and CPP/QPP, only standard non-refundable tax credits, no other deductions such as RRSPs, charitable donations, or medical expenses).

4. Free for post-secondary students.

The Giveaway

To enter the draw, send an email with the following things:
– Subject: UFile
– Answer to the following skill-testing question: (4 x 5) + (9 x 5)
– Use the email address listed at the “Contact” link (For those who are reading this from my feed or by email, you’ll have to click through to my web site to get the address.)

I will only use your email address for the purpose of contacting the draw winners or to send a personal reply if your message is particularly clever but you don’t win.

Another benefit of going to my site when reading a post is to see the comments other readers leave on that post. All entries received before noon Eastern Time on Sunday, March 2 will be considered for the draw. I will make a random draw without favouring any particular entries. I reserve the right to eliminate entries that I judge to be outside the spirit of the contest. Good luck!


  1. my 2 broke university students could really use this.


    1. @Anonymous: I don't want people to have to post their email addresses in a comment, so please follow the instructions at the bottom of the post to send an email to enter the draw.

      UFile tell me that post-secondary students can file for free. I suggest checking this out.

  2. Studio Tax is FREE for Canadians.

    I have used it for several years and it is awesome.


    1. @Jim: I'm surprised I don't hear more about a free alternative like StudioTax.

    2. It works great.

      The first year I used it - I did my taxes with Turbotax as well as Studio Tax and everything worked out the same - so the next year I switched to Studio Tax.

      I got sick of Turbotax and their registrations keys etc. I had many problems with them.

      I have used Studio Tax for at least 4 years now, and have had no problems. The Netfile feature works great too.

      I have many friends using it too and they all love it.

      You should give it a try.