Friday, May 9, 2014

Short Takes: Risky Bonds and more

Here are my posts for this week:

Why Don’t More Bank Machines Give out $50 Bills?

The Power of Saving When You Invest Well

Here are some short takes and some weekend reading:

Tom Bradley at Steadyhand warns about the shift to riskier bonds in bond funds.

My Own Advisor thinks the fact that pension funds and insurance companies are willing to buy Canada’s new 50-year bonds could be a sign that big investors know that growth could be low for a long time to come. That’s one possibility. Another is that nobody really knows what will happen in the long term.

Canadian Couch Potato reviews William Bernstein’s short book If You Can: How Millennials Can Get Rich Slowly.

Big Cajun Man asks whether you’d be willing to work less to avoid surtaxes on high income earners. I’d be willing to work less for less pay, but tax advantages would be just a bonus. More free time would be my goal. Several extra weeks of vacation would be wonderful.

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