Friday, October 17, 2014

Short Takes: Robo-Advisors and more

I wrote one post this week reviewing a book that solidified my view that I won’t pay any attention to market predictions:

Clash of the Financial Pundits

Here are some short takes and some weekend reading:

Dan Bortolotti discusses the effect robo-advisors will have on the financial advice industry. He concludes that “To justify their fees, advisers will need to improve the level of personalized planning services they deliver.”

Million Dollar Journey shows where to get help for starting or growing a business.

Big Cajun Man makes his case for allowing couples to split their income. We’ve been getting lots of hints that this is coming but only for couples with young children.


  1. I found it fascinating that the Tories are talking about income splitting now, after they have "balanced" the budget. We shall see, my guess is whatever they put together may not be as advantageous for higher income folks as they might have hoped. Thanks for the inclusion this week!

    1. @Big Cajun Man: I'll be interested to see what the Tories come out with. They've been consistent with the promises. I guess we'll see if they find some way to constrain it to be less useful.