Friday, March 20, 2015

Short Takes: Advisors Behaving Badly, Misleading Statistics, and more

Here are my posts for this week:

The One-Page Financial Plan

What Interest Rate is Your Annuity Paying? 

Here are some short takes and some weekend reading:

Dan Hallett reports that many financial advisors are churning their clients’ assets into Deferred Sales Charge (DSC) funds ahead of the new CRM2 regulations that force disclosure of costs. DSCs are a way for advisors to get paid up front whether clients stay invested for the long term (at high yearly fees) or pull their money out early and pay a penalty.

Patrick at A Loonie Saved makes a good point about how someone wanting to mislead with statistics can shop for time periods that support a particular conclusion.

The Blunt Bean Counter reminds us that with low oil prices, now may be the time to look into tax planning with flow-through limited partnerships.

Canadian Couch Potato looks at the merits of preferred shares.

My Own Advisor takes a run at a list of questions most investors don’t ask themselves. His answers are fairly short because he’s a buy-and-hold investor. My answers were even shorter because I’m a buy-and-hold indexer.

Big Cajun Man is celebrating his 10th year blogging. It doesn’t seem so long ago that he got started.


  1. I agree, it does not seem like 10 years ago, but I have the son to prove it. Thanks for the inclusion this week, feel better too!

  2. Thanks for the mention Michael. I look forward to your posts next week. I have one that revisits a Larry Swedroe article.

    Enjoy the weekend.