Friday, April 10, 2015

Short Takes: Ben Graham on Indexing, Future Bond Returns, and more

Here are my posts for this week:

Making Momentum Work for Your Savings

Business Success is not the same as Investor Success

Here are some short takes and some weekend reading:

Jason Zweig explains that despite the claims of some value investors, Benjamin Graham believed in index funds.

Canadian Couch Potato gives us some clear thinking about bond returns over the past couple of decades.

Tom Bradley at Steadyhand explains why soft landings for overheated markets are not likely. Hard landings are more the norm.

Preet Banerjee has another of his popular videos, this time explaining the recent increase in CMHC premiums.

The Blunt Bean Counter explains the 2014 changes to the T1135 foreign reporting form.

Justin Bender explains how to report your U.S.-listed ETFs on the T1135 tax form.

Big Cajun Man warns that if you buy lottery tickets with a credit card, it may be treated as a cash advance and have associated extra costs.

My Own Advisor updates his progress on his 2015 personal financial goals. I’m always happy to see an explicit goal of not creating any new debt.

Boomer and Echo are no fans of the Rich Dad Poor Dad real estate seminars.


  1. Thanks for the inclusion, I thought it was amusing about the credit card purchases (and OLG Casino chip purchases) being cash advances. I have to admire the evil genius in the Credit Card Companies.

  2. I'm not a fan of claims to "unlock the secrets of the wealthy", which in reality turns out to mean, "I got lucky flipping houses in the right place at the right time, here's how you can do it, too."

  3. I'm always happy when we're not taking on new debt too!

    Thanks for the encouragement Michael. I learn from people like you who have been there and done that with saving and investing.

    Enjoy your weekend!