Monday, April 18, 2016

Replies to Emails I Usually Ignore

The best part about running this blog is the feedback I get from readers. Learning about finances has definitely been a two-way street. However, I get a lot of less useful messages that I usually ignore. Today I respond to a few of them.

Dear Grant,

I just had a thought about your stock analyzer. Right now you want me to use my blog to help you sell access to it. But I think you can make much more money another way. Just hear me out. Suppose you just take your own money and invest it based on your stock analyzer’s recommendations? As you say, you can “make 5 to 15% in stock returns every month.” I know it’s a big departure from your current strategy, but it sounds way easier than trying to sign a bunch of people up to use it for a few dollars each. Enjoy your soon to be abundant wealth.

You’re welcome,



Dear Mat,

I would love to publish your ad disguised as “an article about trading financial derivatives.” Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite fit the theme of my blog. If I ever start up a blog about the fastest way to get rid of money, I’ll contact you.




Dear George,

Thank you for the one-week stock market forecast. I decided to wait until the week was over to see if you were right. Looking past all the double-talk taking both sides, your forecast did have somewhat of a coherent prediction, but it turned out to be all wrong. It’s enough to undermine my faith in forecasters.




  1. Thank you for sharing, I was entertained by your replies.

    1. @David: Glad you liked it. Writing these makes it easier to sift through all the junk I receive.

  2. Hahah... this is hilarious!