Saturday, December 22, 2018

Short Takes: Dividend Investing, Investing Simply, and more

My short takes are a little late because I’m just back from a vacation. Apparently, I’m now on “island time.” Here are my posts for the past two weeks:

How Beneficial is the Dividend Tax Credit

Bad Arguments Against CPP Expansion

When Does Permanent Life Insurance Make Sense?

Deep Risk

Here are some short takes and some weekend reading:

Dividend Ninja interviews Dan Bortolotti to discuss index and dividend investing. From my point of view, Dan did a great job of explaining misconceptions many dividend investors have. Some of the dividend investors who commented saw it differently.

Preet Banerjee interviews John Robertson who explains how to keep investing simple.

Big Cajun Man has some trouble with a CRA request for documentation on expenses for his autistic son. This is a case where CRA shows it has a heart.

Canadian Couch Potato interviews Larry Swedroe to discuss challenges new retirees face with their portfolios.

Boomer and Echo looks at the various ways we kick debt down the road. We often have the best of intentions for the future, but just for now, we’ll do the easy thing. The problem is that life is only lived right now.

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