Friday, January 8, 2010

Short Takes: EI Information Leak, Hidden Currency Hedging Cost, and more

1. Don’t tell the Big Cajun Man when EI premiums stop coming off your pay cheque. He’ll use that to figure out how much you make.

2. Canadian Capitalist exposes the hidden high cost of currency hedging in currency-neutral ETFs.

3. Larry MacDonald reports on the possible end to trailer fees.

4. Canadian Mortgage Trends warns not to just accept the interest rate offered in a mortgage renewal letter. One homeowner was offered a 5-year fixed rate 1.3% higher than the rate advertised on the same bank’s web site.

5. Tom Bradley at SteadyHand points out a logical inconsistency in a Kraft public statement about the battle involving Warren Buffett over the attempted takeover of Cadbury.

6. Frugal Trader rates his performance on his 2009 financial goals including a goal to pay down his mortgage by $20,000 more than the regular payments. He managed to exceed this goal!

7. Preet says that the new Google phone isn’t going to revolutionize the cell phone market.


  1. Thanks for the mention, hopefully less snow this weekend

  2. Thanks for the mention Michael. BTW, my EI and CPP deductions stopped after my first paycheck :)

  3. Thanks for the link. Did CC get laid off? :P

  4. Preet: I'm not sure. Either that or he's claiming a very high income :-)