Friday, January 29, 2010

Short Takes: Not so Post-Dated Cheques and more

1. Canadian Financial DIY digs into bank practices and Canadian Payments Association rules to discover that post-dating a cheque doesn’t guarantee that it won’t be cashed right away.

2. Murray Dobbin thinks that Canada’s housing bubble will burst. Some of the remarks seem politically motivated, but he offers ample statistical support for his arguments.

3. Big Cajun Man finds that promised delivery dates for clothes dryers at Home Depot aren’t as firm as he had hoped.

4. Larry MacDonald makes use of the insurance component of his segregated mutual fund.

5. Preet explores the question of whether Warren Buffett is skilled or just lucky.

6. Have you ever wondered how mortgage brokers get paid? Canadian Mortgage Trends gives some insight with recent changes to mortgage broker compensation.

7. Ellen Roseman finds that not all customers who complain deserve her help.


  1. Thanks for the mention Michael!

  2. Thanks for the mention, make sure you stay out of the cold this weekend.

  3. Thanks for the mention - maybe I'll go see where they filmed Deliverance while I'm in Georgia. Actually, maybe not.

  4. Hi Michael, thanks for the mention. I bet if they started allowing government cheques to be cashed early it would soon stop....

  5. Preet: Maybe you can take in an NBA game and see which team the referees have bet on.

    Canadian Investor: My guess is that banks actually consider early deposits a mistake that they are willing to correct ... for certain customers, which would include the government.

    Thicken: LOL -- there seems to be no end to the jokes about this one!

  6. CC: In retrospect, it appears that "Enteron" would have been an appropriate name for Enron. For Apple's sake, hopefully we won't be saying in a few years that iPad was an appropriate name.

    1. The comment above is a reply to Canadian Capitalist's comment:

      iPad has got to rank there with Enteron -- the name that Enron people originally came up with for their company. Too bad they didn't look up a dictionary.

      I don't know if the connection to money is weak. Apple, after all, is hoping to laugh all the way to the bank with these iPads...