Friday, February 19, 2010

Short Takes: New Mortgage Rules and more

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1. I’ve encountered dozens of opinions about the new mortgage rules. The most authoritative source is Canadian Mortgage Trends’ analysis. One point of confusion is exactly which 5-year rate will be used to determine homeowners’ ability to pay their mortgages.

2. Big Cajun Man is a little cynical about the annual call by the big banks to contribute to RRSPs.

3. Canadian Financial DIY reports on a new model for paying internet content creators called Flattr.

4. Larry MacDonald suggests a way to turn your spouse into a tax shelter. Saving money on taxes is a good thing but your spouse may not like the way Larry phrased this.

5. Potato’s wife gets the hard sell from a TD “advisor” who seems to know little about investing and a lot about increasing fees.

6. Where Does All My Money Go? is giving away two copies of QuickTax Standard.

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