Friday, February 12, 2010

Short Takes: The Trend to Online Investing, Taking on the Real Estate Cartel, and more

UFile Giveaway Results: Congratulations to John B. for winning the random drawing in the UFile giveaway. I have contacted him by email, and he will soon get his UFile access. Thanks to everyone who entered the contest.

1. Madhavi Acharya-Tom Yew of the Toronto Star finds that women and the elderly are turning to online investing to take charge of their financial dealings. I may be biased about the importance of this article because I was quoted, although something happened to the first sentence of my quote. My blog was also included in the Toronto Star’s list of best free online investment web sites. Any time I get mentioned in the same list as Canadian Capitalist I’m happy.

2. Larry MacDonald is on the side of the Competition Bureau in its battle with the real-estate brokerage industry over access to the Multiple Listing Service. I agree with Larry’s thinking on cartels. I’m a believer in free enterprise, but it only works when there is true competition.

3. Larry Swedroe reports that bond fund managers fare no better than stock fund managers at beating their index benchmarks according to an extensive study of bond funds from 1991 to 2008.

4. Million Dollar Journey finds what looks like a spousal RRSP loophole. It doesn’t look like a loophole to me because it burns up RRSP room, but it may be an interesting idea for couples who can’t seem to use all of their RRSP room anyway.

5. Where Does All My Money Go? examines home bias: our tendency to invest our money in our own country.

6. Big Cajun Man’s finances are sent out of whack by some big purchases.

7. Ellen Roseman has some words of warning about getting caught by damage charges when renting a car.


  1. Congratulations on the quote. You have a great way of communicating powerful ideas through your blog, but your quote in the article was hard to follow. Did they catch you just after a dentist visit with your tongue still a little frozen?

    I'm just kidding, obviously there was some weird editing involved there.

  2. Whacking my finances is what I do best, thanks for the link have a wonderful Valentine's Day

  3. Rhar MoneyNing video is excellent. Great visuals, especially when he breaks out the snips.