Friday, November 19, 2010

Short Takes: Math Skills Correlate with Wealth and more

New research suggests a strong correlation between math skills and wealth. Other skills such as a good memory had far weaker correlation with wealth.

Canadian Capitalist compares the new online savings bank Hubert to existing players.

Million Dollar Journey looks at succession planning for the family CFO. If the spouse who handles the family finances dies, will the other spouse be able to pick up the pieces?

Money Smarts reviews CIBC Investor’s Edge Discount Brokerage.

Big Cajun Man runs the numbers on taking the bus versus driving to work. Despite the fact that the numbers strongly favour the bus, he explains why he continues to drive.

Larry Swedroe skewers Nouriel Roubini for making predictions about stocks and housing markets that turned out to be way off. Humans are wired to seek predictions no matter how much evidence there is that such predictions are no better than random guesses.


  1. Thanks for the mention Michael. I should go check out Larry Swedroe's post. I enjoy a good skewering!

  2. Roubini is full of sh*t. Great article by Swedroe.