Friday, November 5, 2010

Short Takes: Unclear Mutual Fund Statements and more

Scott Ronalds reported some results from the latest DALBAR study of the statements that mutual fund companies send to their clients. Apparently, 68% of reports don’t even include the client’s overall rate of return and few show the fees clients pay. The few “statements that do show fees present them in an unclear way.”

Canadian Tax Resource explains the differences among setting up your business as a sole proprietorship, a partnership, and a corporation.

Preet Banerjee takes a look at the conditions under which fundamental indexing will outperform capitalization-weighted indexing.

Money Smarts explains the different ways that financial advisors get paid. If you don’t know how your advisor is being paid, there is a good chance that you’re paying too much.

Big Cajun Man explains that when it comes to banking, everything is negotiable.

Million Dollar Journey explains preferred stocks. See part 2 as well.

Financial Highway has some useful information about credit card solicitations.


  1. Clearly there's lots of room for improvement on the statement front. Thanks for the mention.

  2. Thanks for the mention.

    Great point that if you don't know the compensation method, it's probably too much. Lol.

    @Ram - I think the word "discount" should imply that you might not get all the bells and whistles like performance charts. Full fee mutual funds are a different story.


  3. Thanks for the mention Michael. Have a great weekend!