Friday, January 7, 2011

Short Takes: ETF Market Timing Losses, Currency Hedging Failures, and more

Larry Swedroe reports that the average dollar invested in ETFs underperformed the ETFs themselves due to failed market-timing efforts.

Canadian Capitalist finds that currency-hedged funds continue to underperform.

Big Cajun Man explains the changes you’re going to see on your pay cheque starting in the new year.

Larry MacDonald reports a reversal of contango in commodities ETFs. If you don’t have the faintest idea what that means, Larry explains it well. However, these concerns are one factor in why I avoid commodity ETFs.

Million Dollar Journey has a guest article from Mike Holman explaining the benefits of low interest rates for investors.

Rob Carrick isn’t too impressed with scare-mongering polls about whether people have saved enough for retirement.


  1. Thanks for the mention, have a great weekend, even if it might be snowy.

  2. Mike
    Thanks for link. And glad you thought the post explained contango well. I'm still licking my wounds after a certain Cajun guy twittered that I was probably making up those words (contango and backwardization). But shouldn't financial bloggers like Cajun guy at least have heard of those words, if not know what they mean? Maybe it's time for higher standards in the financial blogging sphere! Yes, the time has come: I propose a 6-month training course leading to the designation Certified Financial Blogger. I'm sure Cajun guy could pass it, given his math background. LOL.

  3. @Larry: I'd be happy to run the Certified Financial Blogger training course. The requirements would be

    1. Did you pay for the course?
    2. Will you link to my blog frequently?

  4. Thanks for the mention Michael. I keep missing Preet's articles. Too bad the Globe decided to bury it in its Life section where such interesting topics as "should I allow my brother-in-law to stay overnight in our apartment with his girlfriends when we aren't in town?". Pity.

  5. @CC: How many girlfriends? How old are they? :-)

    I subscribe to the Globe Investor - Personal Finance RSS feed that includes articles from Preet, Rob Carrick and a few others. There don't seem to be any "lifestyle" articles.