Monday, January 3, 2011

Steve Jobs’ Marketing Skills

Apple has had quite a run over the last decade selling a string of products that have changed our lives starting with the iPod. Looking back over this period of time, what amazes me is the way that Apple went about promoting these products.

As each new iThing became available, Steve Jobs made it clear that only out-of-touch losers wouldn’t own one. The truly amazing part of the marketing story was that when a new version of each iThing came out less than a year later, Jobs managed to create the impression that only out-of-touch losers would be caught owning the old version.

Being an out-of-touch sort of person, the only Apple product I own is the least cool and least expensive iPod: the Shuffle. It’s a good thing Apple didn’t have me anywhere near their marketing strategy because it would never have occurred to me that the best way to market electronics is to exploit people’s inner drive for social climbing.

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