Friday, February 4, 2011

Short Takes: Selling Reasonable Investment Expectations, Gaming Bond Fund Risk Ratings, and more

Better late than never! On with the interesting links this week:

Tom Bradley wrote an excellent piece on what leads money managers and advisors to promise more than they can deliver, and how they can take a different approach to give their clients reasonable expectations.

Larry Swedroe explains how bond funds game their risk ratings and make their returns look better than they really are.

Million Dollar Journey gives one person’s take on a way to convert a principal residence into a rental property with mortgage deductibility.

Big Cajun Man had a bad experience with a retailer and wonders why the retailer is more concerned about being right than continued business.

Canadian Couch Potato ends his dividend myth series with an explanation of why the popular “yield on cost” measure has little real meaning.

Potato has some analogies to explain the internet usage-based billing (UBB) debate.

Financial Highway has some suggestions for how to get a discount from your car insurance that will terrify your insurance agent.

Money Smarts weighs in on the TFSA vs. RRSP debate.

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