Tuesday, February 22, 2011

TurboTax 2010 Giveaway

QuickTax is now called TurboTax to line up with the U.S. product name. This appears to be a change in name only. A quick look at the Canadian version of TurboTax 2010 shows that it is quite similar to the 2009 version. I wanted to do a more extensive review before giving away copies of TurboTax 2010 but I’m still waiting for too many tax forms.

For those who have never used QuickTax before, you get two different views of your tax information. One is the traditional blue forms that induce fear in even the most fearless Canadian. The other is a more friendly “Easy Step” view where the software takes you through a long series of questions until you’ve entered everything required to fill out the forms.

For the most part, I use the Easy Step view because it’s easier and I’m less likely to forget things. Occasionally I switch over to the forms view to check on something or to understand exactly how a certain claim affects the calculations. On rare occasions over the years I’ve had to go to the forms view because I had an unusual situation that Easy Step didn’t handle.


I’m giving away 2 “coupon codes” for any online version of TurboTax 2010 (Canada). To enter, just send an email to the contact email address in the upper right corner of my blog with the subject “TurboTax”. Readers who subscribe to my feed will have to click through to my web site. Another benefit of going to my site when reading a post is to see the comments other readers leave on that post. All entries received before noon on Thursday, February 24 will be considered for the draw. I reserve the right to eliminate entries that I judge to be outside the spirit of the contest. Good luck!

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