Friday, July 22, 2011

Short Takes: Bold Chinese Piracy, U.S.-Friendly RRSPs, and more

Piracy in China has reached a new level: counterfeiting entire Apple stores. Getting harassed on street corners in China by sellers of fake goods is commonplace, especially if you look western, but a fake Apple store is a new one to me.

Canadian Couch Potato gives us the benefit of his experience with Scotia iTrade's U.S.-Friendly RRSP program. For a fixed fee per quarter you can reduce currency-conversion costs.

Preet Banerjee finds that recent research into the value of financial planning contains significant spin.

Big Cajun Man reminds parents not to miss out on the Canada Learning Bond if they have children young enough to qualify.

Canadian Capitalist reports that the steady flow of new ETFs in Canada continues with RBC introducing corporate bond ETFs.

The Blunt Bean Counter explains how to use CRA's low 1% prescribed interest rate for income splitting.

Scott Adams has a funny account of how during his lifetime phones have gone full circle from corded through many wireless stages back to his latest phone which is corded once again.

Retire Happy Blog has a list of potential questions to ask a financial advisor before hiring him or her.

Million Dollar Journey's Frugal Trader is concerned with whom to name in his will to get the millions he expects to have by the end of his life. He makes a good point that if he remains financially conservative and never eats into his capital, he'll leave a lot of money upon passing.

Support Spy says that even though Bell and Rogers seem to have many markets cornered, there are alternatives to their offerings.


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