Friday, February 17, 2012

Short Takes: Sin Stocks and more

Don’t forget to enter the draw for UFile online tax return activation codes. See here for details on how to enter.

Retire Happy Blog shows that psychology is important when it comes to investing fees. Sometimes it is less painful to pay twice as much if the larger fee is less visible.

Rob Carrick brings us some insight from a financial advisor trainer into the problems people have with their lines of credit. A good quote: “I might as well have been blindfolding these people, spinning them in a circle, handing them a Skilsaw and then wondering why they cut their finger off.”

Larry Swedroe explains why “buy what you know” is a bad investing strategy.

Big Cajun Man has some doubts about the wisdom of maintaining a large bank account balance just to avoid some banking fees.

Million Dollar Journey explains leveraged buyouts.

Money Smarts answers a tricky RESP question from a reader about who can access an account after a divorce.

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