Wednesday, February 15, 2012

UFile Giveaway

The tax season is gearing up and that means tax software giveaways! I have 6 activation codes for individual online UFile returns to give away. See the contest rules below.

For the winners of the contest and any other UFile users, I am particularly interested in how well the transition from other tax packages in previous years to UFile this year works. UFile claims a “One-touch data import from TurboTax.” How well does this work? It’s nice to have your name and other personal details filled in automatically, but it is also important to have certain information carried forward, such as capital losses, undeducted RRSP contributions, and undeducted charitable donations. What was your experience like? Does it make a difference whether you used the online version of UFile this year or Turbotax last year?

Giveaway Rules

To enter the draw, send an email with the following things:
– Subject: UFile
– Answer to the following skill-testing question: (3 x 5) + (7 x 5)
– Use the email address listed at the “Contact” link (For those who are reading my feed, you’ll have to click through to my web site to get the address.)

Another benefit of going to my site when reading a post is to see the comments other readers leave on that post. All entries received before noon Eastern Time on Sunday, February 19 will be considered for the draw. I will make a random draw without favouring any particular entries. I reserve the right to eliminate entries that I judge to be outside the spirit of the contest. Good luck!


  1. I've used ufile for the past four years without problems, mostly because it's free for students. You can do your spouse's return too (even if they're not a student) so long as the student is listed as head of household.

  2. I mean: " your spouses return *for free* too..."