Monday, May 14, 2012

Jose Canseco Hits Huge Home Run for Autism

Jose Canseco and an unnamed member of the opposing
softball team prior to the charity challenge match.
Jose Canseco accepted a home-run derby challenge from beer-league ball player Evan Malamud, and the event snowballed into a fundraiser for the autism unit of CHEO (Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario) held Saturday May 12th.

In the warm up and home-run derby, Canseco wowed the crowd by knocking both baseballs and softballs a long way out of Ottawa’s baseball stadium. There were no official measurements, but even the softballs flew well over 400 feet.

Following the derby, Canseco’s All Stars played a softball game against Malamud’s beer-league team (including yours truly). Despite falling behind early, the All Stars made a big comeback and won the game on a Canseco grand slam that flew so far over the 380-foot sign that guesses on its total distance ranged from 440 to 500 feet. Hitting a baseball that far is difficult enough, but blasting a softball that far is truly impressive.

Kudos to Malamud for pulling such a successful event together in just a few short weeks, and thanks to Jose Canseco for waiving his usual appearance fee to support a worthwhile cause.


  1. I trust you didn't pick up any medical advice from him? Or financial either... yikes!

    That unnamed member of the other team is looking good, Canseco looks a little demonic.

  2. It's not clear whether Jose Canseco is the guy on the right or the left. You should have captioned the picture.

  3. @Big Cajun Man: Jose is actually a very nice guy. He was tireless signing autographs and taking pictures with people.

    @Mark: Tks.

    @Dan: I agree that the similarity of physiques is striking.

  4. @JoseCanseco & @EvanMalamud,, they put on a great event for a great cause! hats off to both for job well done!