Friday, May 18, 2012

Short Takes: College Meltdown and more

Mark Cuban has a very interesting take on rising tuition costs and how the growth of student debt is affecting the economy. He believes that the current college system in the U.S. will melt down.

Canadian Couch Potato explains why he has no faith in market timing strategies, even those that have tested well for decades.

The Blunt Bean Counter explains the laws affecting the types of conditions you can attach to gifts in your will. It never occurred to me to try to manipulate mt children from my grave, but I suppose many try.

Big Cajun Man came across an interesting TVO video with experts debating personal debt issues. Comments like “bite me” kept it lively.

Money Smarts shows that the odds don’t look good trying to come out ahead by selling your home to avoid the coming crash and later buying a new home at a lower price.

Preet Banerjee continues his podcast series Mostly Money Mostly Canadian.