Friday, July 6, 2012

Short Takes: Bleeding Clients, Dismal Financial Predictions, and more

Rob Carrick asks whether an email explaining to investment advisors how to aggressively take more money from their clients is just the product of a rogue sales rep or is standard practice in the industry.

Million Dollar Journey pokes some fun at big predictions that fizzled.

Canadians have, on average, 15 years left on their mortgages. I find this interesting, because 15 years is the longest amortization I’ve ever had, and because I doubled my first payment, my amortization period dropped almost immediately. This shows that I’m quite conservative about debt compared to the average Canadian with a mortgage.

Big Cajun Man anticipates yet another September of spending on his children’s education.

Preet Banerjee announces that he will be the next host of the show Million Dollar Neighbourhood on the Oprah Winfrey Network. Preet’s a good guy and I bet he’ll make this show quite interesting.