Friday, July 27, 2012

Short Takes: Dumping Stocks and more

Rob Carrick talks to author and financial advisor Carl Richards about whether to risk investing in stocks. A good quote: “If you’re going to get out of the market, make it a permanent decision, please.” Richards fears that investors who get out now will climb back in again when stocks are flying again at high prices.

Canadian Couch Potato makes the case that we can’t know whether we are in secular bear or bull markets until they are over.

Big Cajun Man is in full rant mode about so-called “good debt.” I think he has a point. Taking on debt may be the right thing in some cases (think of buying a home or getting an education), but that doesn’t make the debt good. It just means that you’ve paired up a good thing (a home or degree) with a bad thing (a debt).

Million Dollar Journey looks at the tax efficiency of dividend investing through a corporation.

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