Thursday, October 11, 2012

5 Ways to Save Money on [Item]s

This is a template for a guest post on a blog. Read at your own risk.

1. Buy a Less Expensive [Item]

[Item]s can be very expensive. But, if you look around, you can find less expensive [item]s that are just as good. If you keep buying the expensive version, you could end up needing the services of [embedded link to credit-counseling business].

2. Don’t Buy So Many [Item]s

Try to extend the life of your [item] by taking care of it. If you can’t do this you could end up needing to see [embedded link to payday loan company].

3. Look for a Used [Item]

blah blah blah ... [link to random page in this blog to make this guest post seem like it belongs].

4. Another Ridiculously Obvious Suggestion

blah blah blah

5. Insultingly Simple Idea

blah blah blah

This guest post was brought to you by [link to more examples of this wonderful author’s work].


  1. Dare I ask... Was this inspired by a particular blog post?

  2. Excellent post about [generic topic] your [appropriate adverb] writing style is [SEO adjective] enjoyable.

    I still think writing a lisp program that spews out advice posts and seeing how popular we could make it would make for a lot of fun.

  3. @Patrick: I don't want to place the blame on just the most recent such post I've seen. Sadly, I've endured so many posts that follow this pattern that I think we need a service to filter them out the way that we now filter out spam.

    @Big Cajun Man: I believe you that these posts could be automated. Hopefully, filtering them out can be automated as well.

  4. @Spud: Tks. It took me several minutes to write :-)

    @Promod: You're right that when the sole goal is to generate words rather than make a meaningful point, there are many formulas that work. I'm sure I'm missing many opportunities to monetize. That's life.

    1. The second reply above is to Promod's comment:

      Formulas are wonderful ... and they work. If I were looking for [this], I'd be drawn to this post. I'm actually looking for [that] but I still read it.

      Writers also play around with headlines: 5 Ways To Waste Money on [Item]. Here you hope the reader knows enough to do the opposite :)

      There are also posts which contradict conventional wisdom for the sake of contradicting conventional wisdom.

      PS I didn't see any affiliate links. Opportunities to monetize are getting lost.

  5. Sadly, this post does not yet rank for 'ways to save money'. Perhaps you should submit it to some article directories to help move it up in the SERPs?

  6. @Robb: I had to look up SERP. I thought this post was pretty rank.

  7. Awesome.

    I guess I'll wait a few days to post my "5 favourite ways to save money"....or any other list post :)

    I give you enough blog content as it is!

    Fun stuff Michael,

  8. I've read a lot of books that must use a similar template. A sort of fill-in-the-blank fiction. Thanks for the laugh!9dmiciua