Friday, October 12, 2012

Short Takes: Debt Organization and more

The Blunt Bean Counter has some concrete suggestions for those in debt to get organized and make a complete snapshot of their debts.

Rob Carrick says that car insurers just don’t get Generation Y.

Preet Banerjee says that establishing a habit of saving is more important initially than worrying about investing fees. He’s right that the expense ratio on the funds you own becomes more important as your total assets grow.

Big Cajun Man had some trouble canceling a Motley Fool newsletter subscription after the free period was over.


  1. Yup, and the stuff I got for free from the fools didn't strike me as worth the price either.

  2. Michael, thx for the link.

    Honestly, the first time I saw your
    5 ways to Save Money, I said to myself, not another one of these posts and ignored it since I am better at wasting money than saving it(:

    For some reason I went back and read it, awesome awesome post.