Friday, September 13, 2013

Short Takes: Efficient Markets, Pound Foolish, and more

My posts for this week:

Getting Some Money Back from Tyco Stock

Mystery of the Missing Month of Savings

Here are my short takes and some weekend reading:

Potato tells the amusing story of an article making fun of traders who seemed to confuse stock tickers on different exchanges. However, these traders didn’t seem so confused after all.

Larry Swedroe finds much to like, but also some things to dislike about the book Pound Foolish.

The Blunt Bean Counter explains how CRA could hit you with a 20% penalty on unreported income.

My Own Advisor explains why he isn’t a fan of mortgage life insurance.

Canadian Capitalist updates his Sleepy Mini Portfolio. This portfolio illustrates how simple investing can be if you tune out the noise from people with a vested interest in making it seem complicated.

Big Cajun Man has his wife give a turbulent account of trying to get a cheap hotel room.


  1. Thanks for the mention, Michael.

  2. They'll fix the G&M calculator...eventually....

    Take care, thanks for the mention and see you next weekend.

  3. Michael, thx for the link. See u next weekend, eagerly anticipating your words of investing wisdom.

  4. I think I saw some articles by the author of Pound Foolish on Forbes. Unfortunately, as Swedroe says, it's a lot of complaints (some of them off the mark) without much in the way of simple solutions. I quickly stopped reading.

    Regarding the globe and mail you can always take the optimistic view that they're encouraging conservative planning since it's easier to spend an extra $1000 than come up with an extra $1000.

  5. Turbulent and dangerous, I think she almost chucked her laptop at me twice!! Have a great weekend.