Friday, January 17, 2014

Short Takes: ISPs Manipulating Data Caps, Death of Long-Term Thinking, and more

Support for my Friday Short Takes feature is stronger than I thought. Several people came forward to comment on the blog or send me email asking that I keep it going. And it wasn’t just the various bloggers whose posts I comment on! So, Short Takes live to see another day.

I had a full week of posts:

2013 Update of My Personal Portfolio Returns History

Currency Exposure is Partly an Illusion

Crashing Another Stock-Picking Contest

Literally Flushing Money Away

Here are some short takes and some weekend reading:

Michael Geist explains how internet service providers are boosting revenues by manipulating data caps to create a two-tiered internet that favours certain content.

Morgan Housel at the Motley Fool wrote a very funny obituary for long-term thinking. Despite my past annoyance with The Motley Fool, I think Housel’s piece is great.

Preet Banerjee interviews Bruce Sellery about his new RRSP book. Sellery is a very energetic guy.

Canadian Couch Potato explains how a falling Canadian dollar affects ETFs of U.S. stocks. Many investors get confused by this.

Boomer and Echo explain the right way to think about how your investments are performing.

The Blunt Bean Counter is tired of the cold and discusses the business and income tax aspects of golf.

Big Cajun Man says now that CPP and EI deductions have begun again, he’s making plans for what to do with the extra income when the deductions stop part-way through the year.

My Own Advisor expects to increase his dividend income from $7600 in 2013 to $9000 in 2014.


  1. But I never said WHEN I will stop paying, that might allow you to figure out my pay level. Thanks for the inclusion this week.

  2. Great article about long-term thinking. I'm sure you've bought and sold a stock on the same day recently though, and I know I have. Those are just paper cuts but I guess we contributed too.

    1. @Richard: I definitely liked the long-term thinking article. Apart from running the Norbert Gambit for currency exchange, I can't recall ever buying and selling a stock on the same day. If I've ever done it, it was a long time ago.

    2. Ah, so you admit to short-term trading :) We are bringing down the average holding period but for a good reason. It's hard to tell what everyone else is doing.

  3. Thanks the the mention Mike. Nice picture. Now, I have to catch up on many month's worth of your posts.

    BTW, did you notice Motley Fool is now in Canada? They send e-mails like "at 4 pm today our best three picks will be revealed".

    1. @CC: I just put the picture up a few hours ago. Now I'll stop aging :-)

      I didn't know that the Fool is in Canada now. I'm not really interested, though. If they write anything good, I'm happy to read it, but I've had my fill of their picks.

  4. Thanks for the mention Michael. Hopefully with diligent saving, that income will be the outcome. I figure we'll need about $30k per year + pensions to have a comfortable retirement in another 15 years.

    On the topic of crashing stock picking contests, you should do that more. It's just for fun and no doubt my boring picks will allow me to finish middle of the pack anyhow.

    Have a great weekend,