Friday, January 31, 2014

Short Takes: Youth Football, Diversification Still Works, and more

I had a full week of posts:

Treating Your Entire Portfolio like a RRIF in Retirement

A Portfolio with 3 Different Returns

Stocks for the Long Run

Retirement Spending Experiment

You can follow me on Twitter now (@MJonMoney). Here are some short takes and some weekend reading:

The Atlantic has a very thoughtful (and likely controversial) take on youth football. The money in professional football blinds us to the damage young men do to themselves seeking a slice of the pie. Some of the same concerns carry over to youth hockey and basketball, both of which are more violent (and physically damaging) than they were when I was young.

Canadian Couch Potato has a very interesting way of showing that diversification works, despite what some say.

Andrew Hallam shows that some major RBC actively-managed mutual funds don’t fare well when their 10-year returns are compared to benchmarks.

Big Cajun Man says that if you haven’t started saving for retirement by the time you have your first colonoscopy, it’s probably too late. Thanks for that :-)

My Own Advisor says you really do need a million dollars to retire well.

Million Dollar Journey has the story of a 34-year old who crossed the million-dollar mark.


  1. Thanks for the mention Michael.

    I enjoyed your RRIF post. Not sure if I will have one (RRIF) myself in retirement, I might consider having all assets non-registered and TFSA before age 60.

    1. @Mark: Hopefully you will max out your TFSA each year and won't have enough room to move RRSP assets into your TFSA.